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Problem with partial downloads


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There is a problem in 3.0 Beta, build 25220-25279 (also was there in Alpha) with partial downloads, it seems. The overlapping pieces between skipped and non-skipped files are downloaded at first, but later get considered as missing, resulting in an error message, "The Data is Invalid". A forced recheck also consider these pieces as missing. After resuming, it all happens again, and again.

Gone back to 2.2.1, it's all right here, again. OS: XP SP3.

This bug got reported by others also in the Troubleshooting section, here:


(Not the best place to report bugs and less prone to catch the attention of the staff, so thought it's better to report it here, too.)

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This or a similar problem arised already once in 2006, and was fixed then, as well. It was important to delete old partfiles and do a force recheck. Perhaps it's the same case now.

I'm having the same problem. Using 3.0 Beta build 25234. The trick may be to stop the torrent, delete the partfile, and force re-check (see below).

The error is definitely caused by deselecting one or more files in the pre-download dialog or setting the Priority to "Skip" (instead of High/Normal/Low) in the Files tab during download. Skipping even small files (like the "Torrent downloaded from _____.txt" files in most torrents) can cause this error.

The issue isn't new, it was supposedly fixed once. This must be a regression. The issue is discussed in an old thread (from 2006) on this forum. Quoted below is the fix that Greg Hazel supplied at the bottom of that thread:

As the changelog says, old partfiles are corrupt. Please stop the torrent, delete the partfile, and force-recheck.

Note that this act will make uTorrent think some of your already fully downloaded files are not complete, missing the overlapping pieces with skipped files, but in fact they are. Though, this way you won't be able to seed the whole file later on. It's a bit frustrating in case when there are no more seeders or partial seeders left. Hope this time it won't be needed, but perhaps it is.

It seems some sections of the code (perhaps inserted from old code) handle the informations in the partfile differently than the rest.

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