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Utorrent download proplem (need assisstance)

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i have quite a problem going on wtih my Utorrent downloader it dose not upload or download any of my torrents at my personal residience however when im at school or at a friends house it will work just fine..

im using a Netgear wireless router. the ports have been forworded and there is an exception to the program for my firewall.

the connection test when preformed will have a variety of errors that change constanly every time you preform the test but lately that seems to be giving me the ok and all green signal but still it wont downlaod or upload..

also it shows that there are no peers or seeds once the torrent has been loaded up to my utorrent at my house but that changes as soon as i go any place else this problem also occures on all pc's in my home i know it must be some thing in the router that is dissabling utorrent from working but i dont know what it could be as iv tryed just about every setting to restoring the router to defult which worked for a time but i can not keep it that way do to it's a family router and they lie a sicure net work..

so dose any one have any ideas that could help me fix this issue that would be most apreciated.

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