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All Torrents Start as Queued


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Everytime I add a torrent, it goes into Queued state. I can have zero torrents in uTorrent, add one, and it goes to queued. I always have to force start. I run uTorrent on a server, and have it auptomatically start torrents from a folder. I had no problem before, but I just upgraded the server internals and installed Win7 when it used to be XP based.

"Don't start the download automoatically" is UNchecked

I have max number of connections set to 500, max number connected per torrent at 50, and max upload slots per torrent at 25.

Maximum number of active torrents is 100

Maximum number of active downloads is 100

Scheduler is disabled.

Any Ideas?

Thank you,

- Dan

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"Stopped by user activitiy" "DHT: Disabled" ""D0.5kbs T14.6kbs" "U:0.0kB/s, 3.2kB"

That is with just one torrent loaded, and it loaded as 'queued'.

When I 'Force Start' the one torrent, the the first two notifications remain the same.

On your other comment, what would you recomend for my Torrent limit / connection limit? I had my settings similar to this before my upgrade and had never seen a problem.

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