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Magnet Links don't work


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I'm using the latest Beta (3.0 Build 25277) on Windows 7 (64-Bit).

Whenever I add a Magnet link I get the infamous "The system cannot find the path specified'.

When I use the .torrent for the same file instead everything works fine 'tho.

Any ideas? :|

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I tried to click on them on websites.

That used to work until just a few versions of the Beta ago.

Adding them through "Add Torrent from URL..." works indeed but using this means losing all the comfort Magnet links offer :/

And as I said, they used to work and as one Torrent site mentions in their FAQ:

If you're using older browser or Magnet links did not register properly in OS, clicking might not work.

In this case right-click the link and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link". Go to your torrent client and use "Open from URL" to start downloading.

To fix this, try installing recent version of torrent client with Magnet support (we recommend µTorrent or Vuze) and using modern browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

So, basically, they tell you: Get µTorrent if you want clickable Magnet links. Alas, it doesn't work for me anymore :(

(I should clarify that my problem is different from what they say in their FAQ since I can click them and the torrent gets added but I always get the path not found error I mentioned in my first post, I just pasted that snippet because it shows that Magnet links are supposed to work with µTorrent)

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