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Android user, trying to setup web utorrent for Girlfriends Iphone


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2 issues

1. on my droid i can connect with app no problem..LOVE IT!

but when using https://web.utorrent.com/ it allows me to login and loads but keeps saying loading and nothing happens? Any ideas?

I have tried https://web.utorrent.com/ from pc's those all work!

2. Girlfriends iphone.. when i put in https://web.utorrent.com/ then type in SAME username and password i get the 401 error - Remote client returned an authorization - related error... the remote utorrent client could not verify your username and password. Please check them and try again... So i typed in a diffrent username (one that was wrong and i got this error - 400: User not found - We could not locate a user with the name provided.. So this tells me the username is working on her iphone, but the password isnt for some reason.. Ideas guys?

Thanks In Advance!

P.S once i get this working on her iphone.. will she be able to find torrent on her iphone, add them and by doing so it will add the torrents on my home server? This would ROCK!!!!

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One more question if i may...

My girlfriend and i go on vacations alot... Can i use my laptop's utorrent 3.0 Beta software on windows 7 to search and download torrents to my server? So basically just like the transdroid... i could be on laptop find torrents chose to download them to same location as the download folder in my transdroid app... G://Downloads/Utorrent. NOT Download them to laptop but to server!


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