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Slow Speed with BT Infinity


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In my old property I used 02 Home broadband and always had very moderate speeds, nothing to slow but then again not overly quick.

I've just moved and thought I'd try BT infinity and hoped this may speed my downloads up but it hasn't, in fact I can't get above 3kb/s at all on any torrents.

I have tried looking through the steps to take but I don't really understand some of it to be honest, i'm a complete Noob when it comes to things like this.

I would be greatful if anyone would be kind enough to help me out.

Thanks in advance


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I've been all over the internet to find a solution to this and am now experimenting with a new option that seems to be working thus far. Lemme break down the problem for any newcomers.

I have BT infinity and from what I've heard is that they cap the speed at peak times: I think that the weekday times are 4pm-midnight, the weekends I have no idea. By cap I mean some engineer has been clever enough to target torrenting only. This will limit the speed to 0-20k for me and seems to persist throughout the days anyway; totally useless company! I am infuriated that my household changed without telling me; on the flipside we've now got 12 Meg instead of our line limit which was 3 Meg before. Upload is 8 Meg, ping 23! Good for me kicking a friends a*s on FIFA Soccer 2011 (you reading this Skate, yes I said KICK your a*s)!

To the point finally! I'm pretty pc savvy but not an expert by a long way. I uninstalled uTorrent and DELETED the settings at the same time to get a fresh set!!!! Then went to get the latest uTorrent build, the 'beta' or unverified release. Install that, do your speed check etc and set your upload to whatever you like. I do 40k during the day and 400k at nights (SHARING PEOPLE, SHARING)! Then go get peerblock, latest build, get the p2p blocklist and you may as well set uTorrent and Peerblock to start with your OS. Now getting much better speeds. I'll be back to report if it persists. Anyone else who can give this a crack then come back to post your results. OH! Wait, one more thing. Goto uTorrent settings and FORCE on Encryption; with the exception of speed that is the only other setting I changed from fresh install. I know that it seems to be working but this is the only working combo so far that does. 20k DL speeds are just depressing.

*looks serious* Obviously this P2P software is for the purposes of my workplace sharing very unstable engineering files that cannot be zipped even lightly due to corruption. P2P works wonders for this. Thank you uTorrent for helping legitimate business. *cough*

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