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Utorrent Web issue


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i have been using utorrent web for quite a while now and recently i have had some issues.

ok so, normally i can just logon to web.utorrent.com and double click on the file under the files tab and download it via HTTPS from the server( the utorrent client on another computer) and it will download from. But now i get this error " Sorry, this feature is not available. Sad Panda" in a little pop up box

I didnt install any updates(automatic was off) or any settings and it just started happening. i tried updating and it still happens. now im at the latest 3.0 beta i am using google chrome, but i have tried other browsers and computers. i have winxp.

but downloading it via torrent directly from server to client works. (click on torrent then the share icon right of the options icon and download the special torrent can transfer that way.

thanks hope i can get this to work:)

PS i did search first, I found ABSOLUTELY no hits

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