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What is the maximum cache that uTorrent supports?


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I am seeding torrents at a relatively high speed and would like the cache to be as big as possible. The 32bit computer has 6GB of RAM (5.93GB visible). When I set the cache to 1700MB, uT crashes sometimes. I have a few questions regarding memory use by uT:

1) Does it support AWE (Address Windowing Extensions, allows a 32bit process to access more than 4GB RAM)?

2) Does it support the Windows /3GB option (reserves 3GB for process and 1GB for system)?

3) What is the maximum stable cache size?

I am using uTorrent 1.8.5, but can upgrade if a newer version supports larger cache and is not slower (the computer it's running on has 3x P3 Xeon 700MHz CPUs)

And another, less related question - if I add a fourth CPU, will uTorrent be able to use it?

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