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Problems with port forwarding


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I have a Thomson TG585 v7 router supplied by ISP O2. I forwarded the ports on my router for uTorrent (something I've done before without problem) but I'm finding that uTorrent isn't showing the ports as open.

I go through the setup and it will say the ports are open and I save it but after a few minutes, I get a yellow triangle telling me that there are no incoming connections.

I also find that my settings keep getting lost - like I enable uPnP and NAT port mapping but it's not saving these settings.

It's driving me mad and I wonder if anyone can help please?


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I have been having the same problems! I have had my port forwarded fr a couple years with no issues. The last couple weeks I have been un-recognizable by my torrent providers. UTorrent says that my ports are fine, My ports are set up and I have a static ip address assigned, everything is set-up PERFECT! But when I go to port-forward or canyouseeme or my torrent providers none of those sites can see me. I have triple checked EVERYTHING! I even called my service provider and lucked out by getting a sympathetic tech and he manually set up my router and ip from HIS side so that the router was forwarded internally (they just gave me a new router and he thought that might be the problem, although it started BEFORE I got the new router...).

I am using Windows XP, Firefox's latest version, UTorrent v. 2.2, NAT & UPnP are selected, I have an exception in my Windows Firewall in addition to the static ip and forwarded ports. I have a Linksys WRT54GXP and I am TOTALLY at a loss as to what to do next. I have had techies talk me through what I already know how to do a couple times and they are as baffled as I am. ANY help would be HUGELY appreciated!

Docs Gal

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