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BT Infinity Problems


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I've current moved into my house and my connection is relatively good this is a speedtest.net proof:


Also this is my settings in my Home hub and the port chosen and Utorrent telling me everything is setup.


Proof of port forwarding in BT Infinity Home Hub


it just seems all i seem to get is 10kb at a max generally which is poor considering my connection and its not peers as 76 seeders is a lot and there are 1000 more to connect to if you look on the picture.

Any help would be great thanks in advance,

Rick Charles

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Connecting to more seeds won't guarantee you better speeds.

You also seem to have WAY too many active torrents, even for your connection.

Additionally, British Telecom has been hostile to bittorrent traffic in the past and may be the problem.

Try stopping ALL torrents and testing with openoffice torrents.

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Thanks for the info.

I did as you asked removed all my torrents but even that done, i downloaded openoffice and still only got 10kbs on average... Any other ideas that could help?

Normally i would just the likes of Fileserve for downloading but a specific website i use for Music based software is all in torrents and based on seeding and downloading ratio.

Is there a way around the throttling? i used glasnost and my results were:


Now are these bad?

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