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uTorrent(Beta 3.0,Build 25303) hanged in Windows 7(64bit) Home edition


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Behaviour: Hangs upon 'Force Start' on a "Queued' torrent.

I have several torrents available in download label. Out of which, several torrents are in 'Stopped' state.

After updating to latest build 25303(Beta 3.0), I have faced a network issue, and shutdown pc several tines. On successful network restoration, I saw 2torrents in 'Queued' state. At this point of time, the app was checking some of the torrents with 'Checking...' status. Some torrents are donwloading at their usual speed. But, when I do 'Force Download' on one 'Queued' state torrent, it immediately jumped to 'Downloading' state without any problem; similarly I have done for other 'Queued' torrents. When I try to do 'Force Download'(or even normal 'Start' also) on the 2nd 'Q'd torrent, it hangs. I used Resource Monitor's 'Analyze Wait Chain' process, which shows a kind of deadlock among threads.

2) Sometimes, when I click the utorrent application from my taskbar, it pops up an error msg such as 'It seems utorrent.exe is running, but not responding'. Still the process was running in the task manager. This is happening from 25303 and its previous build.

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