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BT Guard update


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Been using this product for 2 years now and every time a new update is available it screws my setup to the point of making this program a liability now. I awoke to a new update version of BT Guard, and it installed and now what took me quite a while to get working perfectly is gone. So I uninstalled this new update version and I went back older version 2.2 which worked well and now this is all screwed up thanks to this garbage update. I just signed on with another provider of similar product because BT Guard has screwed my system up for the last time. Before today my system and BT Guard was running perfectly with ports forwarded and a green light, now it's red and I've tried everything for the last 2 hours and my system is again screwed by a BT Guard update. Goodbye BT Guard forever as I don't have the time to play around with this incredibly poor program anymore.:mad:

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