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uTorrent tries to connect to = eternal CLOSE_WAIT


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Hello. Sorry for my bad English.

I'm Using uTorrent for long time without any problems, but recently appeared а weird problem: uTorrent process remains to stay after exit and tries to connect to - router address. That results in eternal CLOSE_WAIT state and i can't kill process => can't start new instance.

I tried versions 1.7.7, 2.2.1, 3.0 build 25309 and Version 3.0 beta (build 25305) x64 - problem remains. Additionally, they hangs after install on setting port and speed.

I have 2 computers connected to router and problem exist only on one. Both clients have different ports forwarded and long time it runs without any problems, including simultaneously. Second computer don't tries to connect to and stop process right after exit.

Tried to forward and 4444 - not helping. Tried to add these addresses to ipfilter.dat - not working either. bt.graceful_shutdown set false.

Nothing helps, except reboot...

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Seems problem was in Windows services, related to UPnP. I set "Universal Plug and Play Device Host", "SSDP Discovery Service" and "Enumerator IP-bus PnP-X" to autostart and uTorrent don't hangs anymore.

Router set to "Enable UPnP" and "Enable WAN Ping Respond" in Advanced Network (D-link DIR-655).

Problem is solved.

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