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windows 2000, blank Utorrent


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hello everyone

i just changed from Utorrent 2.0.1 (i think) to 2.2.1 and it did run properly until i clicked something in the left pane, the bottom object (the one after labels), and now Utorrent is completely blank, except for the status bar and menu and title bar, everything else is white.

i have Win2k Sp4 Rollup1 (other unique things: .Net2sp1 .Net3sp2 .Net3.5sp1)

i am just noteing it online, shouldnt need help with it, i will just move back to the older version (after trying Ut3)

btw i am not used to the new color scheme and i cant find the upload limit column (and related columns) anymore (i resized all of them).


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ok i found that going to Options, and then removing check beside Show Apps Pane fixes it, but i feel i am missing out on something! i clicked on Apps (28 new).

screenshot? how do you want it cant post here. (plus i feel i have described adequately. open a VB and color the form white, add a menu bar with File options and help, and have a status bar down the bottom and you have what i see)

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the same occurs for the find pane, however no freeze.

the freeze forbids me from moving the window around also, but i can move other windows around (not win freeze)

same problem with my w2k.

can u tell me wich build release are u running?

my one is 25130 but I've verified that 24302 one does not install on w2ksp4


:) :) :)

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