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Please Help // No Longer Able To Download Seperate Files


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Please help..I have noticed in the past few days that whenever I load a new torrent and I go to open the torrent to start the download that the small pop up box the I was getting which allowed me to download for example two files when there are a group of say 5 is no longer coming up but instead a new box that does not give me the choice to do this anymore but instead I am having to download the entire file..example..Terminator Collection..4 files T1/T2/T3/T4 ....in the past I have been able to unclick all but say 2 of the files and they are the only files that are downloaded,now a new box that does not have this choice but only ...select all or select none..if someone can give me some guidence on this problem it would be much appreciated.

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