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DHT block use of internet connection


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My setup is that I wish to seed some low frequency torrents I have. The tracker list, of a torrent, can become obsolete in time. The DHT sometimes find a peer who wish to download. There is typically only one seeder (me!) and one peer a month or so.

The DHT have the problem, that it block other use of my internet connection. It is not completely blocked, but you usually have to reload pages to see them. The setting of Advanced:"dht.rate" seems to help; a setting of 30-60 may allow the DHT to be left on a while without blocking immediately and completely. So my question is: do the DHT have to be this aggressive? I am looking for approx 1 new peer/24hours. I would like to have the DHT on always. I have a few hundred torrent files, that I would like the DHT to list.

The uTorrent have many uses, but if you wish to seed, especially on low-frequency torrents, it really don't work that well. There is much to do. It is excellent if you wish to download, especially on popular music/film torrents! This has been sad many times before.

Now, please help me with the DHT!!! I'll guess that I have a port/connection overflow?

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I use about 70% of upload bandwidth for the uTorrent, and that is 70kB/s. Not that fast. I have a small home-network of routers of varying brands. This works well. I run the uTorrent on a "vista" computer, that don't run latest updates. On the network I usually have a download computer of the "You-Tube" style. Note that the "DHT" is not broken; what I ask for is if there could some way to limit the resource use per second, so I can run it all the time. I have plenty of CPU, RAM, and Disk that the software may use. The internet provider is the http://www.glocalnet.se/bredband#page=abonnemang. I don't think they care much about uTorrent.

I understand that "uTorrent support" would like to ask for exact model, software revision, uTorrent (not latest 2.2.1-25130), and so on, but the problem is likely not there. The problem has been as long as the uTorrent (2008). What I ask for is a more detailed description of some advanced settings, that may allow use of the DHT in a "non-intrusive" way, and generally better work-flow aiming for torrents, where I am the only seeder, and the DHT finds a peer.

Could it be some network-analyse-software that can be used to find out where the problem is, or would it be possibly for some kind expert, who know how this DHT really works, to come up with some suggestion? Note that the "dht.rate" actually "influence" my problem, though it don't really remedy the problem.

The "DHT" not only corrupt other use of internet, peers and active uploads also shrink, and it can get messy. If I switch off the "DHT" all is OK in every aspect after ... 60seconds or so. It take a bit longer for the uploads to update/recover.

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The DHT keeps track of more than just the torrents you're using.

...mmm; Do it send availability info also for torrents that is "OFF" (red-round button)?

Can I switch-off all and everything, and try the DHT on an empty list or a single upload torrents?

What router do you use?

The connection from computer go though a D-LINK DIR-100 Hardware A1 software v102 not to standard/default configuration, and the connection is by cable and the Computer have a fixed IP.

The connection from DIR-100 go though a "Belkin G wireless"-connection router hardware 4 v3 (01)

software 3.00.03, that also is not to standard/default configuration, and the connection of the router is by cable and a fixed IP.

The connection from the "Belkin G wireless" go through a "SpeedTouch 510" cable modem software, that also is not to standard/default configuration, and the connection is by cable. A dynamic IP is provided by the "network".

I do not have any port-forward problems!

Who is your internet provider?

http://www.glocalnet.se/bredband#page=abonnemang is the internet provider, but they are not the cable/ASDL link provider. That is by http://www.telia.se/privat/bredband/.

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