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Utorrent openVPn and ESET Security and more


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Hi Everyone,

Have an issue where things wont seed much sometimes and has the red circle in the lower bar most of the time.

My ISP throttles torrents to .01k sec so by necessity I must use a VPN. I'm using open VPN software and need a u/name and p/word each time the line disconnects from my VPN provider.

I Have a dlink DSL -G624M router with the static port utorrent uses being port forwarded in the virtual server with the 192.168.*.* (PC LAN IP address)

The router is setup for mac filtering, DHCP is disabled and everything has a static IP address.

The Router and Windows 7 firewall are disabled and I use ESET Security firewall and antivirus.

Everything from Iphones, NASBOX, Xbox, laptop, desktop and Wii are picked up fine and are streaming media using tversity.

My questions to the collective here are;

1: is there anyone who knows of a way to save my username and password within Open VPN so if the line drops it reconnects automatically?

2: I think its my firewall that is causing the red circle in relation to port forwarding using the VPN network. Anyone know how to set it up so that utorrent and browsing is disabled when the VPN is not connected.

3: Is my assumption of 2 correct, Have I entered the correct details in the router for port forwarding? if not what else could the slow seeding and red circle be?

Any and all help much appreciated.



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Unless OpenVPN has some kinda port forwarding thingy that the provider enabled you're not going to get incoming connections from it (probably). A firewall can be used to prevent uT from using the non-VPN interfaces, I think winfirewall can do it. Pretty sure it's been mentioned previously.

Is an ubuntu torrent fast?

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That Sir is exactly what I was missing.

I logged into the web based part of my VPN provider and hey presto there was a link i'd missed which allows the option to port forward the VPN connection.

I've added the port and now I've got green lights across the board. Seeding at 75ksec.

You sir are the reason I can now seed back what i've schnaffelled in the past. I doth my cap to you.

The next step in my quest is to get ESET Security setup with a rule to block web surfing and torrent downloads if the VPN connection drops......anyone?

After that its a case of getting openVPN to reconnect and enter the username and password automatically.

My last VPN provider charged $25 per month but its script stored the username and passwords.

My new VPN only charges $4 per month but requires Uname and pword each time a connection is initiated.

Annoying, but as always...with life and women, you get what you pay for :-/

Kindest regards and many thanks for steering my thoughts in the correct direction.

Look forward to hearing other thoughts on the above quest.


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