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Bad connectivity, zero seeds, hundreds and thousands of ghost peers


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uTorrent, Opera integrated, and tracker reports:


Most of the downloads get delivered, with slow speeds and few connections. Some never start and never connect to anybody. But the seed / peers status is all wrong.

I deleted all appdata content, reconfigured everything. Firewalls, Comodo and Windows's, router all OK and matching.


uTorrent v 2.2.1.

Windows 7 x64, updates, no SP1, 6g ram, free space plenty.

What are all the places where settings are saved?

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In general every setting is as it should.

More info:

- all worked fine until a few days ago. I made no change to my system.

- presently, good torrents download perfectly, I had 1.8mb/s.

- good torrents see the seed / peers numbers given by the tracker.

Before tweaking every last obscure option, which are the ones I must try for the problem of K. fake peers? What are the possible reasons? ISP? Higher than that?

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