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Port not open....


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I've scoured the internet looking for a response to this statement "Port is not open (You are still able to download)" so I apologise for starting a new post on an old topic; this is my last resort.

I've used PortForward.com to open up the port 6888. I have also opened the port on both my TalkTalk Security and Windows Firewall. I have no other firewalls that I know of.

I'm currently getting a speed of 2.08 k while downloading. I have no other programmes open or running, besides my AntiVirus. According to http://speedtest.net/ I have a current download speed of 3.14 Mbps, upload speed is 54 Mbps.

There are plenty of peers for the torrents I want so that is not a problem.

It was running under the same statement, but with fast speeds up until I updated the programme this morning. Now nothing is happening.

If anyone could help I'd be very happy! Thank you.

-------- EDIT --------

I have read all of the posts on these boards and the FAQ, all of my settings are what is suggested.

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TalkTalk security? Haven't heard of it. TalkTalk ISP? Evil.

Better to give the details requested then to just say "it's fine". Nuke all the rules in talktalk and winfirewall, create brand new ones. Find a status page on the router and check the Internet/WAN side IP address. It should be OUTSIDE the RFC 1918 ranges.

I haven't seen talktalk security on these boards before, a temporary removal would ensure no interference.

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