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No network status light, although everything works OK


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Running u-Torrent version 2.2.1 build 25302 on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. Netgear DG834GT router, static IP addressing, O2 (uk) ISP.

I never see a network status light, green, yellow or red. That space in the status bar (adjacent to DHT) is blank.

Torrents appear to work fine, both downloading and uploading. Speed is reasonable. I can seed normally.

Port is forwarded correctly (and not randomised); Windows Firewall is configured correctly. u-Torrent setup wizard checks indicate no problems, and expected check speeds.

Another (Vista) machine on same router DOES display a green light, and has similar u-Torrent performance when running. It has the lowest IP address. Disabled all torrent firewall rules, before this machine, in the router, so the WIndows 7 machine IP is the first torrent rule (in case earlier rules were taking precedence). Nothing has any effect.

What has happened? LOL Any help very welcome :) TIA JAmes.

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