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Torrents are not seeding, and network/port issues


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Had to reformat my pc and I reinstalled uTorrent. I can download just fine, but when the torrents are finished, they SAY seeding, but there is no seeder activity. I get the blue up arrows to show seeding, but there is no activity. No peers are showing either. Once or twice a peer has flashed up for a second or so, but then nothing. I also have no network light at the bottom of the frame, just blank space next to the DHT box. Ran the setup guide, and got the message "Neither NAT-PNP nor UPnP is enabled. Please check your preferences." When I check, they are both enabled (checkboxes filled). Torrents do seed while downloading, but once downloaded, never seem to seed. Everything under the "Trackers" tab says "working."

Before the reformat/reinstall, everything worked perfectly. uTorrent ran just fine with no tweaking at all. I installed an older version of uTorrent, and the system guide said that something was wrong with the ports, but that downloading would work. I'm not sure if I can forward ports on my router (I'm in Korea, the router isn't mine, and I don't have the password to access it anyway; the ISP has it). Running Win7 64-bit, AVG Internet Security (Windows Firewall is not active; AVG Firewall has an exception for uTorrent, although I've played around with it as well, even turned it off, to no avail).

Any help would be appreciated; I don't want to get kicked off my tracker sites for not seeding :(


edit: renewed firewall rules; no help. I downloaded a small torrent file and watched it carefully, and noticed that it does upload, but only while it's downloading. as soon as the DL finishes, the tracker list vanishes and the torrent just sits there.

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Be sure UPnP or NAT-PNP is enabled in µT. Anyway if you can't access to the router to forward a port, you will stay surely in a "firewalled" state (due to your ISP).

Can you ask your ISP if you can forward a port? (or if UPnP works)

NB: renew the rules about µT in your FW/AV.

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