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Loading this torrent causes uplaod speed to slow down?


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Hey all, can anyone explain what is happening?

When I tried to download the file from http://fw.perfectworld.com/download/torrent I saw a huge decrease in upload speed. My average upload speed is normally throttled to approximately 11Kb/s and each time I load this file, upload immediately decreases to less than 0.5Kb/s. Trackers for seeds suddenly report "Offline" or "Closed by peer" statuses.

It is not because the download was using all my bandwidth. The download speed for this file by itself (with no other downloads occurring) remained below 2Kb/s when on average I may get upward of 20Kb/s.

Each time I stop this download all speeds remain slow until I update all trackers, at which time speeds return to normal (that is the averages I normally get).

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