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Please help: meanings of technical terms.


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There are many technical terms in uTorrent.

Some of them are proper noun, so I can just transliterate them instead of translating.

But the problem is when I encounter technical terms as common noun and can't find any information from dictionaries or google.

I think, for this question, this forum is most appropriate place among whole internet.

(I will add my question as reply of this post)

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I don't know how to translate these terms.

eye piece

cursor piece

secs ahead of ghost

secs ahead of eye

seconds of underrun

deadline piece

hole piece

ghost piece

prio window start

prio window end

total pieces

critical requests

critical cancellations

I guess these are all about proxy server because uTS IDs of these are:


Would anyone explain these for me please?

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I'm not, but you can treat them this way as for now. What else you can do instead treating them as proper nouns? No one will understand it anyway as they are - I guess - connected to the new method of streaming that is being developed by utorrent team. You can correct it later as you figure out better names for it. Maybe someone will post here some advices if he knows the streaming issue.

It took a long time for me to find where they are shown (Speed graph - Stream). This is nothing major.

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