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"Apply rate to uTP connections" option is causing speed problems


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I think I found a bug related to the "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" option.

I described it in thread "Really slow dl speeds...out of nowhere" (copypaste:)

I noticed, that the speed problems are related to "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" option.

When I disable the option, my download speed are normal (e.g. 1000 kB/s and more), but when I check the option, the download speed immediately drops (e.g. to 200 kB/s) although my "Global Download Rate Limiting" is set to 1000.

Upload speed is behaving similar.

I read through threads in Speed Problems section and I think there are several threads describing the same symptoms as I experienced (e.g. it worked before but now it's slow; slow download/upload although there are plenty of seeds).

My setup:

win7 64 bit, windows firewall, glasnost - no problem, uTorrent build 25309 32bit

PS: The configurability of uTorrent is great - that's the only reason I was able to found out what option makes the difference. Thanks for great program!

EDIT: kB/s units corrected

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I'm still having the same problem (3.0 beta version 25327).

I will describe it again:

I'm downloading a torrent with excelent health (thousands of seeds, more seeds than peers; one file in torrent, only one torrent is active).

My Global Download Rate Limiting is set to 1000 kB/s.

The download speed is slow (e.g. 200 kB/s).

Then I uncheck the "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" option.

The speed raises up to the maximum of my connection (1,2 MB/s).

I check the option again. The speed should be capped to 1000 kB/s.

But instead in a few seconds the speed drops to 200-300 kB/s.

I performed this experiment many times with the same result. Also I've read through guides here on the forum, but IMO it seems very probable that there is some problem related to the "Apply rate limit..." option.


Also maybe someone could provide more details for developers.

PS: we were talking about the issue also in this thread.

EDIT: screenshot of my settings SS-2011-06-05_10.09.20.png

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My internet connection speed is 10/1 megabits - i.e. 1250 kB/s download and 125 kB/s upload.


(I think that queueing is probably not related to the issue because usually I'm running only one torrent).

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