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µTorrent Memory Usage increases till max and crashes.


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See title. It was working fine just yesterday, and day before that and so on .. First time this problem has happened and as it is, I can hardly download anything.

Basically what happens is that the faster I download, the faster my available memory is depleted by µTorrent till there is 0 available, and then the client crashes. Should this happen, sometimes when I restart the client it shows all torrents at 0% as if I hadn't even downloaded anything.

From the disk cache settings, if the first option is disabled, I keep getting Disk Overload errors so as per some instructions I read, I enabled it and set it to max, which was 9999. And It has been at 9999 for months now, no problems whatsoever until now. If I now disable that setting, the memory problem isn't happening. Hard to tell if it's because of that setting or the fact that I can't even download faster than 2MB/s because of the Disk Overload error. Any lower setting than 9999 in the means much slower downloads.

Example : It's at 9999 and I open four new torrents on private tracker. The speed skyrockets to near the max, around ~16MB/s (Max 20MB/s), but the memory available is depleted by around 500MB per minute. Needless to say, in just four minutes the client crashes.

I set it to 1800, and the download speed is only around 3MB/s. The speed slowly builds up, and after a while it's around 8MB/s but will not go past this speed. Even at 8MB, my memory usage keeps increasing even though much slower. Even at this much slower speed, when I am downloading 4 torrents which each are 20GB+, I would reach my maximum memory usage before they are completed. Besides, I'm not paying for 200M connection so that it works at 80M -_-.

I've tried switching HDD's to download to = No effect. I'm using µTorrent 2.2. I've even tried different client, BitTorrent, and it still happens. (The interface was exactly same as uTorrent though so makes me wonder if it's the same client..). I also tried Vuze but ran into different problems so I don't know if it happens with Vuze or not.

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