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initial strong dl rate that quickly degrades


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i tried 'search'ing for an answer to this -- 'throttling' || 'traffic shaping' -- but the thought of sifting through 69,500 posts to find something relevant -- much less dispositive -- was just too depressing.

i am using UT 2.2.1 on XP and dl'ing only a single file; i found that certain hours of the day are best (the early am (united states, eastern standard time), to be specific).

the problem: when i start ut, the dl jumps to 250-300 kB/s for 30 seconds and thereafter degrades quickly to 20-30 kB/s. it sporadically reaches 90-150 kB/s but the rule is 20-30 kB/s.

the glasnost test http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=4128 states "There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your downloads."

is there a reason for this saltus degradation?

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