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Formula for MB/s conversion


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I was just wondering when the speed in uTorrent is reported as MB/s is that true Megabytes (1,000,000 bytes) or Mebibytes MiB (1,048,576 bytes)?

Keep in mind windows actually uses MiB, GiB, etc. It uses 1024 bytes per "Kilobyte" (really they are KiB).

Somehow, I don't believe that uTorrent is reporting MB/s as my speeds would be too low. MiB makes more sense.

Here's an example conversion:

30 Megabits

30000000 Bits

3750000 Bytes

3662.109375 Kibibytes

3.57627868652343 Mebibytes

But Megabytes would be a solid 3.75.

I'm not trying to nit picky but I want to know the real formula used here. Sometimes the two units are confused and a combination of the methods are used. It would be nice if the interface had an option to change the whole thing to bits to minimize more confusion. Is this already possible or could be a future feature? Has this been mentioned before?

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