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Stuck at "Downloading App ..."


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Are there any solutions for this? I have the exact same problem. I'm on W7, x64, and using the beta 3.0 client, get the same hang.

Using the 32bit client (build 25345) I get:

Could not complete your request.

offline (timed out)

Please check your Internet connection and try again.

So, clicking on any of the left hand icons is absolutely useless; Find doesn't work, Apps doesn't work, etc. I wanted to try them out, since (until this version of 3.0) there was no way of getting rid of the stupid bar.

On a possibly related note, I've been unable to "Add torrent from URL" for months now, getting the same "connection timed out" error.

Is there a way of getting logs from µtorrent about where it's barfing doing simple stuff, such as actually allowing the functionality (presumably) integrated into the gui?

I can download torrents with Deluge on another system --- ruling out my crappy router, and my crappy ISP.

Further, wget apps.bittorrent.com/discoverContent/discoverContent.btapp will allow downloading of the file, and dragging and dropping allows it to be installed, allowing this to be shown. However, in wireshark, it looks like µtorrent's re-sending the request for this, over and over. Speculating as a disinterested n00b I'm wondering if it's something to do with not using IE as a default browser. I've got the W7 firewall completely turned off --- and the proper ports forwarded in my router; the same set up which worked with older versions of µtorrent and XP (a machine no longer running...). No antivirus software. (And no viruses. Yes. I'm 99.489% sure.) Internet Options set to allow everything (as part of testing this).

So, what else can I try? Are there any solutions for this? I'd like to:

1. Actually use the 'Find' feature and the 'apps' feature.

2. Be able to actually use the "Add torrent from URL" again (which, at a glance, it seems µtorrent isn't following the redirect (302) when I cut and paste the urls?)

3. Be able to go somewhere and manually download whatever "Downloading App" is supposed to be downloading, to fix it, barring other solutions.

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