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uTorrent 3 (build 25327) and lower crash on start [fixed]


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uTorrent version: 3 (build 25327) and lower

OS: Windows XP SP3 32-bit

Problem: Crash on start if upon start uTorrent can't find one of the torrent files registered in resume.dat.

Expected behaviour (as in 2.x line): uTorrent loads fine, in status column for missing torrent shows message "Can't open .torrent file: %s".

Curiously, if you don't close crash dialog uTorrent seems working just fine, but torrent loading stops on first missing torrent. I guess it means that crash happen in thread that load torrents. Bug don't exist in v2.x line, but happens every time with v3.0 regardless of directory for storing torrents.

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Just decided to see what's inside dump file and OMG - too much personal information about my system. Anyway, i strongly believe dump is not necessary - issue clearly reproducible. Don't get my wrong, i know how to code/debug, and this is not some sort of layman excuse. And i myself had 5 year pleasure supporting software with all sorts of angry and stupid users. Again - this is finely reproducible bug. Thanks anyway.

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