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uTorrent restarts my PC


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Hello everybody! I need help from the specialists.

Long story short: Since I got a new computer 2 months ago I have been getting sudden restarts.

I starting testing stuff , reinstalled windows, hardware testing etc etc... asked the specialists, everybody said it's the UPS. Changed the ups, same problem.

Changed the HDD with the old one, problem fixed.

Turns out the new HDD Seagate Barracuda SATA 2 1TB 7200 rpm/s,does not go to well with your program, uTorrent. Downloading at speeds 1mb/s + I will get sudden restarts. With no other torrent client I have this problem.

Someone suggested that neither the HDD or the uTorrent is to blame . The problem should be that uTorrent has conflict with some other sotware, or that one of the uTorrent's settings may cause the computer to crash.

The solution is very simple: stop using uTorrent and everything is fine . But it boders me because I do not whant to give up this program. I find it to be the very best on the market on it's categori, all do I do not wish to flater the makers of this program.

So help me out here. I wanna use uTorrent but I can't. Any suggestions?

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