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Sending a torrent to a friend


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Utorrent has a feature.

You drag a file from your computer into Utorrent.

A url pops up and you can email the URL to a friend... and then they copy the URL and they can downlaod your file.

I tried it from my Vista computer to my office Window 7 Computer with no trouble..It worked.

Now I want to send this same file to another computer but when I drag the file into my Windows 7 version of Utorrent ....I get this error message...

"Unable to load.( the file name)...not enough storage space is available to process this command"

Huh?..storage space where?....hard drive?...I have tons of space in hard drive

Help?...How do I correct this?



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:I also have problem with this "feature" using v3 build 25345.

To date I have only been able to drag previously d/led torrents to the indicted area and get a tinyurl address to sent to a friend. (Would like to know how you managed to drag a file other than a torrent from another directory/folder for transfer). When said friend attempts to capture the file, Utorrent v3 is offered and loaded then a connection is made to my machine but after a few minutes (and maybe 10Mb d/L), it gives Torrent error " Filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect" and stops completely.

I have subsequently repeated this when trying to transfer a file from my desktop to my laptop.

Anyone have any suggestions??

Is this the correct place to post comments/problems on beta version of the software?

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