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Can't upload; Port forwarded


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Well, I seem to be having the problem with uploading on utorrent; Even after correctly forwarding my port (6882 in case it might be important). The problem seems to only be with utorrent, as I have no problems uploading other content (I'm currently running a minecraft server off my desktop. I think I might have set a setting screwy, but I'm not sure. Any help you guys could provide would be awesome. :D

To better describe my problem, after originally forwarding my port, I was able to UL to a single leech... intermittently this single leech would switch between difrent ULing torrents, until eventually it cut off altogether. In any case, I believe they stopped their policy on this, but does Comcast still prevent ULing? I know about the reversal on the FCC ruling back from 2008, but has Comcast began stopping Uling again?

Thanks in Advance :D


Well this is rather odd.. as soon as I turned on logger and restarted my torrent, I was swamped with the following message:

[2011-05-28 01:12:10] IP OF PERSON(sr-fnv-mbb.rar): Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

I received about 200 of the above statements, each with a different IP which I assume is the IP of the person in the swarm..

EDIT PART 2.... (with more edits)

I seem to have forgotten to report something.. When I am downloading, I seed perfectly. If however I stop downloading, My seeding drops to next to nothing. Speed tests say I should be uploading at around 500kbps, but if the torrent is not actively downloading, it won't seed, however when the torrent in question is downloading, I can seed fine. This forces me to set my download speed at something ridiculous like 100kb/s to keep my ration at something reasonable.

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I've done some testing with various torrents, and it seems that I can only seed to people in the swarm who I downloaded from... I can even stop the torrent, restart it, and it will start seeding again to these same people. However if i never downloaded from the person originally, I can't seed to them.

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