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Upload limit is being ignored


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I have some troubles with mine upload limit. It seems like i can't controll it anymore.

It first started when i switched to 3.0. Whatever i setted as maximum upload speed, it always used 100% of mine upload speed on torrents.

So i uninstalled it, and went back to 2.2.1 and it worked fine again for a week or two.

But now i'm experiencing the same problems again, and i havn't changed mine settings..

The only thing that seems to work a bit is to limit the uTP conections. When i aply it, mine dowload speed goes from 400 kB/s to the (wanted) 10 kB/s, BUT mine download speed goes from 2,3 MB/s to 50 kB/s with a torrent with alot of seeders...

The only way i found to download again torrents normaly is to limit the uploadslots to 1, and hoping that that 1 peer won't max mine uploadspeed.

Is there a solution for this? Can somebody help me with it?


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