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Running uTorrent from a router...


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Hi All, i have an ASUS RT-N56U router which includes a built in, albeit very limited, torrent client and i wondered if it was possible to either:

- replace this torrent client with uTorrent, or

- add uTorrent as an additional client

From what i can gather, the router is built on some kind of a stripped down linux o/s. And the file structure for the existing torrent client is just a hidden folder called ".apps" then a "bin" folder and then a resource script called ".rtorrent.rc" along with many other script files.

Appologies if this is a really stupid request but the existing client is so slow and lacking in any kind of functionality, i thought it was worth a shot! :P:D

And if it is possible i may well need some step-by-step instructions, so thanks for any help u can provide and let me know if you need any other info.


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Because of the architecture of the router, it's not possible for either of the options you want.

Thanks DreadWing, at least i know now. I assume it's the firmware that is the limiting factor as opposed to the hardware? In which case i'll keep my fingers crossed that a custom ware is developed to get around this issue - although i believe i read that this was either difficult or unlikely to happen too :(


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