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Newbie having problems


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Hello there. I've used uTorrent for a while now, but I'm not overly familiar with how it actually works, configuration settings, do's and don't, etc. Also, I'm quite new to this Forum, so I don't mean to break any Forum rules….please don't come down on me like a ton of bricks. At least not at this stage.

I've saved a number of Torrents recently, and have been downloading various files (I have a Cable Modem). Initially, the download speeds are quite good, and I've usually downloaded relatively large files in a reasonable time. But what's been happening lately is I've been downloading large files, and they reach approx. 96%-99% complete, and then the number of Seeds reduces to zero (or a very low number), and my download speed stops completely, but I'm still continuing to upload at a very high speed while there are numerous Peers still listed. On a number of occasions (but not all), I've eventually received errors stating the particular torrent has files missing (or some such), and I simply need to delete this torrent and start searching online again. It seems to be torrent-specific, and doesn't happen with all the torrents I am using….but it is happening more and more. Since I have downloaded a number of files perfectly okay, I cannot see how it can be a problem with my system in general, but something with these particular Torrents; at least that's my deduction.

Please help!


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