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Advanced > Set Download Location: folder locked after torrent removed


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Advanced > Set Download Location > Re-check files causes a folder to be locked even after the torrent is removed from uTorrent.

The following is the reproducible steps (assume that I've already downloaded a particular torrent's files, then removed it from uTorrent, and then decided to re-add it to uTorrent after a later date in order to seed).

1. Download torrent for a set of files that I already have

2. Torrent defaults to C:\Downloads\<name_of_torrent>

3. I have a folder that already exists with the completed files (say F:\Seeding\<name_of_torrent>) and I set the download location to that folder using Advanced > Set Downloads Locations

4. I do a file re-check to allow uTorrent to determine that the files have already been downloaded.

5. Assume, for this process, that I downloaded the wrong torrent file and the files in the .torrent don't match the previously downloaded files. I then decide to remove the torrent using uTorrent's [ X ] button.

6. I go to move the <name_of_torrent> folder out of F:\Seeding, and it's locked by uTorrent - the only way to move it is to close uTorrent, move the folder, and open uTorrent again.

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