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RSS 1) Not obeying speed limit, 2) error "Not enough storage space"


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I've been using Utorrent for a while - all my PC and line settings are fine. I recently started using the RSS downloader to grab a few tv shows from TheBox.net. - again all fine: RSS and filters are working OK.

So today I tried to download some short story podcasts from escapepod.org and this is where it gets odd.

I set up the feed: http://www.escapepod.org/category/podcasts/feed

Checked the box to not start downloading automatically - and confirmed that it found the episodes.

I have a download speed limit of 250kbps set - but as soon as I set up the feed it ignored the speed limit and started maxing out my line at approx 430kbps.

Then after a few minutes it popped up the error "Unable to load "[Name of torrent]" not enough storage space is available to process this command.!"


From other threads about the same error message I'm *guessing* that for some reason utorrent is downloading the episodes and then trying to open the downloaded file as a torrent ?

Does that make sense? Is it likely to be a mal-formed feed or have I done something dumb? Anyone else tried (or willing to try) RSS download from the same source and go it to work?

Any advice welcome :)

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The RSS feed you linked is NOT compatible with uTorrent, as it does not link any .torrent files in it.

So utorrent won't handle general RSS feeds? Bummer. I was hoping I'd discovered an app that could handle all my downloads (torrents and podcasts). Would have simplified things.

Ah well...

Thanks for the quick response.

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