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uTP causes DoS fragmentation flood alert in router firewall


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i'm Tom, i'm addicted to filesharing and this is my story:

Got a new router Speedport w 723v Typ B. Started my VPN and utorrent.

After a minute, bang, no torrent download, no browsing, connection down.

Router Firewall (which cannot be configured or switched off) tells me something about "DoS attack fragmentation flood", which means the router receives many incomplete packages an gets tired of waiting for the rest.

Without the VPN utorrent runs, but the DoS messages still occur.

With the VPN running all these packages come from the same ip, the VPN ip, and the router firewall seems to block it. And i'm no longer connected to the internet.

First Test: Switched off DHT, LPD, uTP, PEX, UDP, LPD, Scrape -

everything works fine.

Second Test: Tried a different client (Vuze) with all these features switched on -


Third Test: Switched on one after the other in utorrent -

utorrent implementation of uTP seems to be the source of all evil, short time after switching it on the error occurs.

Hope that helps anybody with similar problems. :)

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