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'System Cannot Find The Files Specified' on large torrents.


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It can occur sporadically, but moreover so on large torrents (above 10GB), and when it reaches 100% or randomly, it will go red, and say 'Systems cannot find the specified file'.

If I resume the torrent manually, it works fine, but I'd rather get some help in solving it altogether, so other users aren't plagued by this problem. :[

I'm using the latest stable version of uTorrent at this time of writing, 2.2.1 :)

OS: Windows Server 2008, 64-bit.

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I just tried one, and it was 120 characters, no more than that.

And yes, NTFS :) I'm willing to pay those who can solve this problem for me. :D

Where do you save your .torrent files? That might be an issue in this case. I've had this problems both when the destination path is too long as well as when the .torrent itself has been saved in a path where the length has been too long.

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