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µMobile: Manage µTorrent from your Android or Windows Phone 7 !


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Hi all,

I have recently developed an application for mobile devices, called µMobile, which allows you to remotely manage your µTorrent.

* µMobile is available on Android, on the Android Market here:


* µMobile is available on Windows Phone 7, on the MarketPlace here:


For other phones (iOS/Symbian/bada), this may come in the future, depending on validation processes !

µMobile allows you to connect to your µTorrent and manage your downloads. You will be able to add or remove files, but also check the speed or pause downloads.

Have several µTorrent servers? Often connect to it from home or work ? µMobile handles connection to different µTorrent and can manage different connection profiles !

The included web browser will help you choose the file you wish to download, and the smart search engine will allow you to look for files from anything. New smart search engines can be added dynamically, so you will never miss your good old finder. Mininova is included by default and more are available on my website !

Morever, the built-in RSS reader helps you keep track of your software updates. You will be able to add new RSS feeds to µMobile and be notified of new files to download.

Afraid to open your µTorrent access to the Internet? µMobile handles HTTP and is capable of connecting to it through a SSH Server, so it is completely secure!

Of course, all of this is customizable, and the graphical interface has been polished for your greater pleasure.

Finally, µMobile is available in 11 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Finish !

Detailed features:

# Handles configuration for several µTorrent

# Handles several configurations per server (local, SSH, ...)

# Works with µTorrent version 1.x, 2.x and the new 3.x version !

# Connects through HTTP or HTTP over SSH (Android only)

# Works over WIFI, EDGE and 3G

# Lists downloads on your server

# Can pause/resume/remove downloads

# Displays download rates, downloaded size, progress, etc...

# Supports autorefresh (can be disabled if connected in 3G, to reduce internet trafic)

# Can add direct link downloads (if copied from somewhere else)

# Provides a web view to directly add files to download while browsing

# Manages cookies (for authentification websites)

# Supports RSS feeds

# List new files to be downloaded in RSS feeds (1 click download)

# Can search for any file through configurable searchers

# Supports private searchers (see website)

# Can shutdown/restart server from the settings !

# Sober but efficient look and feel

# Available in 11 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Finish (Android only)

Happy download!

If you're worried about the new application, with no rating, please have a look at the ratings of my other applications, this should confort you ;-)

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As a gift for early adopters, the price is only 1€ for a limited time... so don't wait !

(edit: Apparently, the market is taking a little bit of time to propagate the price change, but it will soon appear as "1€".)

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For those who tried the app, do you have some feature requests, or any issue with it ? I'd be happy to hear about them !



PS: I'll end the promotional price very soon...

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Hi all,

I've published µMobile v1.2 on the Android Market, with:


- Add multiple links at once

- Save passwords for "add new download" per website

- Show date in RSS

- Open torrents from web browser (Firefox, Opera..)

Bug fixes:

- Split configuration file in several files to avoid settings corruption

- Stop activity indicator when "send file"

- RSS: remove popup when auto get feeds, only when adding new feed

- Fixed an issue with a correct password showing as incorrect

Let me know what you think of it !



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Hi all,

µMobile v1.3 has been released on the Android Market, with several bug fixes:

- Lost "read" items when too many RSS feeds

- Issues with some search engine links

- Crashes when rotating the device

- Menu was visible in all screens

Let me know what you think of it !



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