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µTorrent's Recursive Directory Scan Causes Response Lags/ Memory Waste


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Hi there,

I'm using µTorrent (Mac version 1.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5) since a long time now and never had any serious problem with it until today.

First of all I noticed that µTorrent was very unresponsive. It lagged around on many normal actions, even only closing its preferences window causes the spinning beachball to appear. So I quit the app and restarted it. It took like 5 minutes for it to only show up properly (opens an empty window and then after 5 minutes waiting the torrents, label list, etc. showed up). Checking with Activity Monitor also showed some huge memory requirements all out of the sudden (usually it's around 40 MB, but now it was more than 300 MB). WT* is going on here, I thought.

So I wiped all µTorrents settings files in case there was a problem there. And indeed, after I wiped them it all worked fine and fast again. So I restored my old settings (as in I went to the preferences window and set all options to what I had before) and BAMM it was slow again and ate tons of memory.

Luckily I had downloaded some torrents that I had put aside to download later (in a different directory than I configured in µTorrent's preferences to check for new torrents) which for some strange reason always showed up after I reset to my old settings, which included restoring the location where µTorrent should check for new torrents automatically (~/Desktop in my case). I had those put-aside torrents stored in a sub directory in that very location (~/Desktop/temp_torrents in my case). And then I understood what goes wrong with µTorrent. :)

µTorrent checks that directory recursively including all its subdirectories and their subdirectories! But since yesterday I had a new directory there which had a few thousand subdirectories in deep sub levels there on its own which caused µTorrent to go mad on them. I guess it also has to register each of these directories to get notified in case some new files get added to those directories, hence the huge memory waste. Who would have expected that — not me at least. µTorrent's preferences UI doesn't suggest this at all and so far I never noticed this behavior before. :)

Anyway... can this behavior be disabled somehow? Or could an option for this added in next version ("[x] Scan directory for new torrents recursively" or such)?



P.S. While I'm already reporting things... it also would be nice if µTorrent's UI would be using "µTorrent" exclusively instead "uTorrent" and "µTorrent" in a rather random fashion (e.g. in menus, or app name, etc.)

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