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uTorrent slowing my down with 8-9 Megabit (ADSL)


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I am running utorrent 24/7, but everything is paused at the time of day when I am at the computer, because it is slowing down my download speed with 8-9 megabit/second, and my up with about 0,25Megabit/second (this is not a huge problem though).

Watching streaming videos at youtube or simply loading a large page takes time :(

The weird thing is that it slows down even if I am not downloading, for example atm I am uploading at 78 capped (I max out at 90 but have capped it to 78 according to the guide here on the forums) and my down speed is still bad.

I want to be able to seed 24/7, and still preserve like 70% (is that even possible?) of my download speed (that is 12,7 at a max).

These are my settings:

Max Uprate: 78KB/s

Global max connections: 160

Maximum con/torrents: 50

Number of upload slots/torrent: 5

Use addiotional slots of speed is <90%: ticked

Anything I need to change?

Please move this if it is in the wrong part of the forum.

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utorrent stopped:


utorrent on:


I have a Netgear WNDR3300 Router, quite old yes. Thinking of buying a new. Doubt it is ISP related, there hasn't been any p2p talk about my ISP.

The hardware is a Quad Core Processor @ 2,5GHz. 3GB Ram, Windows Home server, and built in realtek network (gigabit).

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