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"Take Our Survey" removed all settings and torrents


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So I load up uTorrent this morning and the torrent list is empty, lost my RSS feeds and my settings were completely wiped.

At the top of the bar there is this link for "Take Our Survey". I did the Survey, answered truly.

Closed uTorrent, restore my old resume.dat, settings.dat and rss.dat

Upon opening uTorrent again I am presented with the "Take Our Survey" link and my settings were overwritten again with new files...


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OS? µT build number?

Are you sure µT is able to read/write the file settings.dat stored in %appdata%\utorrent?

Check the file permissions of this file and %appdata%\utorrent. Create a new folder if necessary and move the files (.dat, .torrents).

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Windows 7

uTorrent 2.2.1 and then tried the latest 3.0 beta

And all file permissions have Full Control

I made a new folder earlier and copied those files there that way I could delete all existing files and then paste in the copies.


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Is it fixed?

Nope :/

Did you have a backup somewhere of your settings? Because if you just restored resume.dat.old from that folder, you were SOL to begin with.

No they weren't backed up, I tried to replace it with the .dat.old files...

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