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Automatic Peerblock Initialization Script


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Hi uTorrent Community,

If anybody uses peerblock (or something similar) and finds it tedious opening it everytime you download a torrent, I created a script to launch it automatically whenever you download a file. It's especially handy if your friends/family/spouse download anything without you around. If this has already been covered I apologize, but I tried searching and couldn't find anything close.

1.) Copy the code from below

cmd /C tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq peerblock.exe" /FO CSV | (Find "peerblock.exe" || start /D C:\Progra~1\Peerbl~1\ peerblock.exe)

2.) Open uTorrent and from the menu bar click Options > Preferences

3.) From the List of Options click the Advanced Tab > Run Program

4.) Paste the code from above into the second textbox. It should look like the picture below


5.) Apply and OK changes

What the script does is it checks the tasklist to see if peerblock.exe is running. If it is not, it starts the program, but if it is already on, nothing happens. Since we pasted the code in the second textbox, anytime a torrent changes status (Starting, Downloading, Finished etc,) it runs the script, so for the most part you shouldn't have to execute peerblock manually again. You may have to change the path to peerblock in the script if you have it installed in another location or something, but other than that it's pretty cut and dry. You could add it to a batch file if you want too, but I just wanted this to be simple to share. Anyway, hopefully somebody will get some use from this.

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