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Deleted Post.


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Earlier this afternoon I posted here in Chat.

Thee is no sign of it so, I assume it was removed. I assume this because my saved link brought nothing up. Further, a quick search on today's post does not reveal it.

Regardless of the topic or, it's content, why was I left to waste my time waiting for an email response?

It's disgusting that I was not informed of it's removal or, deletion!


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I recall having read your thread, but am having trouble recalling exactly what it contained. Were you the user asking about assistance in seeding or something? If so, then our answer is: "We don't handle that here." This is the µTorrent support forum, for assistance in usage of the software. This isn't a free-for-all BitTorrent-related support forum, and we have policies in place that explicitly reject requests for assistance in dealing specifically with actual torrents and their contents.

I don't know who removed the post, but I do agree that handling of the matter was probably suboptimal. The Trash forum was created for archiving unwanted posts and any associated replies, after all.

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