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No built-in help, no website help - help!


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On the "Documentation - We've Got You Covered!" page, http://user.utorrent.com/help/documentation page is the ability to download a help file. I copied it to the same place that utorrent.exe exists (c:\program files\utorrent), restarted utorrent, but still doesn't do anything when I click on Utorrent Help or press f1.

Clicking Help on the RSS setup page in utorrent takes me to a url http://utorrent.com/rsstutorial.php that shows "No input file specified. "

Where can I find any instructions on setting up the RSS capability of utorrent 3.0?

Ah, by using google I discovered it's here:


But I couldn't get there from any of the main pages. It's pretty much a hidden page or non-intuitive.

ok now.

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