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wrong tracker is added somehow; incoming connections port


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uTorrent 3.0, ASUS WL500gp v2 router, PPPoE connection

When i add start new torrent file and start downloading a new tracker is added

retracker.netbynet.ru:81/announce (netbynet.ru is my isp)

i tried to delete all trackers and switch off dht, peer xchange and local peer discovery before starting torrent. But tracker is added in any case. The only way to force it not to be added is to switch off network connection before launching uTorrent. Why this happens?;)

The second problem - Incoming connections port is not forwarded using UPnP. uTorrent 'setup guide' says that ports are opened, but in Port Forwarding table on my router there's no such a port (though many other UDP ports are opened). I had to forward it manually. is it ok?

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