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download speed problem


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Hello guys, that's my first post here. i apologize if i didnt presnet myself in the properly section...

But i have a strange problem with utorrent...

usually my download speed is quite fast..but recenelty something changed. In fact when i try to download some torrent, in the section bellow (where you can see the download speed) i can see that the speed is fast (at least 300 kb/s), but in truth the torrent is not moving.... (0,1 kb/s)

Why that's happening?There's something i've done with options? Cause i never touched it.

Thank you.

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I have the same problem, including the fact that I don't really know what RSS means and stuff. What button to push to get it all right again?

In my country we have a saying that would translate into:

there are no stupid questions but those that are not asked. There are stupid people though, and I guess not knowing how RSS, whatever it is, might enrich my life would make me a little silly indeed. Still, it'd be really appreciated if you could answer the question on a digibetic level, :)

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