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sorry if this or something like this has posted before. I searched other topics but I could not find anything similar to my problem.

I'm quite new to torrenting, and just made my first one today and uploaded it. uTorrent says that I am seeding it, but when I look in the information box under the "general" tab, it says that my upload speed is 0.0kB/s (avg. 549 B/s) and for Seeders connected it says "0 of 1 connected, 1 in swarm." I know that uTorrent does not count me in of the connected, but why is my upload speed zero if uTorrent says that I am seeding? And what does swarm mean? Is that myself? I don't know if I am actually seeding the file for people, so I got very confused since it SAYS I am, but when I look it up uTorrent says I am not seeding anything. So am I seeding the file? Will people be able to download this torrent and receive the file eventually from my seeding? I have a screen shot to show what I am talking about:


The Torrent I am referring to is the "Ghost in the Shell SAC Solid State Society" torrent.

I am using uTorrent (yeah I have to update but I haven't because of my downloads).

Thanks! ^_^ Again sorry if this is considered a "n00b" question, or is even a stupid question. Please bear with me, I am quite new to this. Thanks! :D

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