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is this possible-make a javascript that torrents?


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I realize that javascript runs within a browser window and as such cannot access the file system. However, there seems to be a framework called , nodejs, that is the server end for javascript. I dont know squat about nodejs (and I am sure it shows), but this is the idea. Create a javascript that acts like a torrent client. The data that is downloaded is stored in a new window that is spawned, as raw text. (i guess it's called unicode? because of all the funny characters- you know, pretty much what you see when you open a rar file in a text editor.) This would allow torrents on many mobile devices. Since pages can be saved, the downloaded file can be stored. Although not executable on the mobile device, the presence of billions of mobile clients would make torrents faster. And of course, if pdfs, epubs, or other documents are torrented in their native formats, appropriate javascript could format the data in a viewer browser window.

Whoa, you might say, a mobile device only has 64 gig memory at most. Well tomorrow, that may become 64 terabytes. Still the fact is that there are 3 orders of magnitude more mobile devices than pcs out there.

This is a distinctly different idea than having an app as a 'controller' for another device that is torrenting.

How crazy is this idea?

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